- - G-Diez

Alecto ROCK

Kamah vocal

Garik Diez all guitars, vocal

Yarmilivich Alex drums

Tariq keyboards

Sound ingeneer Garik Diez, Oleg Beliy, Youriy Smalius

Master egineer Vjacheslav Shinkarenko

Sound produsser Garik Diez, Peslyak Valery

History of Rock Group G-Diez began in 2007. G-Diez is a musical term meaning russian G-sharp prescribed using Latin letters. Initiators were the current group leaders Garik Dy and Valera Pesyak. Guys gathered a powerful group of musicians and went to Vinnytsia region to prepare their first album.The conditions were awesome. Rehearsal process was held on the river Southern Bug, at the Earl Potockys castle which has the historical name Sokiletsky Mlyn. Right here on the castle grounds the first shots of G-Diez video to the song We have only way were made.

Simultaneously at Oleg White s studio White in Kiev guys were recording the first album. The big share of songs were recorded by the drummer Tim Ivanov, but honestly,the first single We have only way the drums is by Andrew Timoshenko. Major bass guitar recorded Ilya Belyakov, Bekir Usein -keys, guitars-by Garik Dy. Sound producer was Honza, i. e. Michael Tolmachev.

In 2008 the band GD took a long pause. The reason was obvious. Guys could not pick a singer, which could match the group philosophy and have tremendous vocal capability.The problem was to find a person which would have the similiar musical spirit . Tering selection and auditions were useless and failed soon .

In 2013 at the Usein Bekirov studio fate brought Garik Dee with gorgeous singer Kama i.e.Camilla Gummetova. From the first sight the band realized that they would work together in a team. Making music with such vocalist based on the early pieces become magic. Garik says work with Kama is just a pleasure. The impression as if the songs previously written exclusively for her She easily copes with everything: melody, harmony, tempo and key. Even adjustments made with unusual ease and positive! In 2014 G-Diez had second birth. Despite Kama absence in Ukraine now there held extensive creative and routine work. The official website was launched . In February, there was the first official Intro.This instrumental track is an introduction to the GD musical world. At the end of march 2014 there planned first official release of the song We have the only way.Now track is in stage of studio arrangement at the London studio APPLE BAEM. Soon will release another track What about?, a presentation video for the song We have only way, and finally, the first tour of group G-Diez.

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