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Новости - Rock - экс вокалист Skrape и Blessed in Black покидает группу

Billy Keeton(Ex-Skrape,Belssed in Black)покинул группу и создал новый пока не названный проэкт с Bobby Burns(Soulfly)Вот официальное сообщение:]
Billy Keeton (ex-Skrape) recently commented on his departure from Blessed In Black, here's his statement:
"It was real while it was real,and I wish Tom,Tommy,and Gerald all the luck in the world. The band had promise. I won't ever slam the body of work we have. Maybe somehow people can hear this band called" Blessed in Black" that we created. But lack of progress and other projects being put on hold have led to its end. I also want to clear some things up. There was never going to be a Dave Dramein, Billy Keeton collaboration. That was one of Montano's idea's that I felt pushed into, and just so the world know's I WAS NOT INTO IT AT ALL... Dave, sorry that shit got out like that man. Tom Maxwell is without a doubt a true player, and I feel this may have damaged our friendship some cause he HASN'T CALLED in forever. Tom I love you man where you at. As for my next thing....well it's something I started a while back with Bobby Burns (ex-Primer 55). We've wanted to do this for a long time and some of our songs more recently have just came out to cool to ignore. Check out his site at for updates. Last I want to apologize to all the people who believed in the music that Tom,Jerry,Tommy and I were making. You're the reason we kept it going and you rule,nuff said.."

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