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Gerard Way (vocals);
Ray Toro(Guitar)
Frank Iero (guitar);
Mikey Way (bass guitar);
Matt Pelissier (drums)


With the release of incendiary new album 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,' New Jersey’s own My Chemical Romance has consolidated a reputation for brilliant, biting and boundary-leaping rock and roll that first came to worldwide attention with their 2002 Eyeball Records debut 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.' Featuring thirteen new originals written by the band, 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' is an impressive leap forward for a group that's been constantly on tour for the better part of 2 years, winning a fanatical following across North America and Europe, both as headliners and co-billed with The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Story Of The Year and a host of others.

'We had to pull ourselves off the road to get fully focused on the album,' explains vocalist Gerard Way. 'We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to exceed what we'd done the last time around, which was a good thing. But at the same time we allowed for the music to evolve and grow. We experimented a lot, tried a lot of new things.'

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge explodes with what Way calls 'violent, unsafe pop music.' Produced by Howard Benson, whose work with legendary Motorhead was a major influence on My Chemical Romance, the album tells a hair-raising story in song. 'Half of it is about making a deal with the devil' says Way. 'The other half is taken from our experiences as a band.' With tracks ranging from 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' and 'The Ghost In You,' to 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' and 'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living', its up to the listener to distinguish which half is which in some of toughest, most convincing modern rock in recent memory. The tale of My Chemical Romance, with a name inspired by author Irvine Walsh, starts in the grimy New Jersey suburbs, where the group had formed a very loose-knit friendship since high school. After graduation, they spread out but stayed in contact, eventually reforming around new music. After being picked up by the New Jersey independent Eyeball Records, My Chemical Romance cut I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in just under two weeks. The result was one of the best debuts of the year and led to a major label deal with Reprise and a flurry of touring offers. 'We've basically been on the road ever since,' Way continues. 'Finally, when we could take the time to develop the songs and story, we got back in the van again and drove out to Los Angeles to record. Part of the reason was we wanted to take our own equipment, and part of the reason was we wanted to get some of that energy carrying into the studio.' Working closely with Benson, who aside from Motorhead, has produced hit music for Hoobastank, POD and others, the group took two months to craft the music and tell the story of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. 'It started out as a complete concept album,' Way continues. 'But as we went along we realized that our own lives were mixed up in it, so we started writing ourselves in the story.' In the same way, My Chemical Romance gets deep inside their own sound on 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'. While echoes can be heard of everyone from Nick Drake to Trent Reznor; Iron Maiden to Morrissey and beyond, it's the band's own distinctive and original vision that pulls together this high impact collection. Simply put, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is the album to beat for 2004. What now? 'We're already back on the road,' laughs Way.'We'll be on the VANS WARPED TOUR and over to Japan and back to the UK where we got a great reception. Then, on from there, we've really made a lot of progress in the past year, and had a lot of fun. We're committed. Why stop now?'

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1.   Разместил 4ester   06:14 19.12.2005г.  

Офигеть группа,весь альбом идет как на одном дыхании(я про последний).А голос вокалиста ваще пипец.Не,эмо рулит.В первом альбоме Джерард что-то иногда кричал,здесь же он поет,а музыка стала еще лучше и громче.Так что респект всем кто слушает эту группу

2.   Разместил My Chemical Love   16:40 18.02.2006г.  

ПРосто потрясная группа.. - эмо рулит! Я когда первый раз услышала.. просто слов не могуа найти... КЛип хелена - форервер
Респект всем кто слуушает

3.   Разместил p!nk-brutal-boy   12:09 24.03.2006г.  


4.   Разместил злой эмоNOSOROG   13:01 18.07.2006г.  

после Envy и Indian Summer это лутшая команда из тех что я кода либа видил))) EMO :good

5.   Разместил GAANS   21:24 19.07.2006г.  

Офигительная группа просто улет!Respect Romance forever!:good

6.   Разместил emostyle   17:24 25.08.2006г.  

Респектуха ОГРОМЕНННАЯ этой группе! А клип The Ghost Of You забыть просто невозможно!!!

7.   Разместил Clodia   19:58 08.09.2006г.  

Romanc-ы правят!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
но позволю себе посоветовать вам,ребзы, послушать A fire inside (A.F.I)!!!!!!!!!!!!:music

8.   Разместил Himик   01:23 17.09.2006г.  

группа просто супер только одна проблема !!(кто знает где в питере мона купить все их альбомы,просто с и-нета качать надоелло скорость мааловата !ПОМОГИТЕ КТО ЗНАЕТ)))))))

9.   Разместил Helena   19:11 01.10.2006г.  

:dance:new_russian:musicФСЕМ фэнам M/C/R/ ПРЕТИЩЕ=))))) [red][/red] Да , ваще улетная группа и я еще потверждаю слова Clodia , ведь афи тоже классные чувачки

10.   Разместил Анонимный   10:23 02.10.2006г.  


11.   Разместил Анонимный   15:49 21.10.2006г.  

А я их абазжайу!!!! И фсё!!!

12.   Разместил Анонимный   15:49 21.10.2006г.  

Воть вам моя ася! 325565680

13.   Разместил Анонимный   15:49 21.10.2006г.  

Я ксю)))

14.   Разместил Helena   23:24 24.10.2006г.  

:))Народ, как вам новый причесон Gerard Way (он терь блондин)??=))))...[purple]:good

15.   Разместил 4ум0вая Vampipe   16:04 25.10.2006г.  

Лучше никого нетУУУУУУУУУУУУУ!Может Кроме GREEN DAY

16.   Разместил Анонимный   22:32 28.10.2006г.  

отличные ребята!!!!!!!!!!!!
таких молодцов,как они оч мало!
в них вбухано оч много бабала,но они оправдывают средства!
P.S. Бейби,GREEN DAY-это временно!Запомни мои слова!:-)

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